Sheriff Robert L. Langley Jr.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Department

Since taking office on January 1, 2018, we have accomplished the following at and are working diligently for the below at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office:


Built a strong command staff in the Sheriff’s Department:

Undersheriff Kevin Cheverko, PCSO Captain of the Jail 2018-2019, previously served with the Westchester County Department of Corrections for 32 years and as their Commissioner of Corrections since 2010 before coming to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in January 2018

Captain of the Jail James Greenough is a veteran member of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office with over 30 years of experience

Civil Captain Lisa Ortolano, Esq. (Prosecutor Bronx DA’s Office and Putnam County DA’s Office)

BCI Captain Jon T. Jennings (FBI Organized Crime)

Patrol Captain Harry J. Tompkins III (Joint Narcotics Task Force Westchester County)

Operations Captain James G. Babcock Jr. (Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, US Air Guard Communications Specialist)

Negotiated a 66% increase in the Jail which will bring additional revenue to the county to offset expenses. The daily board in rate for federal inmates had gone unchanged since 1992. Implemented Narcotics Anonymous for persons incarcerated at the Putnam County Correctional Facility.

Put into place a discharge planner for persons who are incarcerated in the jail and suffer from addiction to ensure they can continue their treatment upon release.  We do not want to set people up for failure and wish everyone to have the best chance to be successful in society.

Joined with Putnam County Mental Health Services, Carmel Police, Kent Police and the Village of Cold Spring Police bringing Hope Not Handcuffs to Putnam County so anyone who suffers from addiction has a place to go so they can get the help they need.

Restructured the fee schedule for the Civil Division which had not been addressed ever. This increased revenue by 60%!

Rebuilt community relationships through community policing programs such as Town Hall Meetings, Coffee with a Cop, Real Talk events at community centers and being present at public events.

Conducted and are conducting Narcotics Interdiction on our highways to disrupt the supply of narcotics not only coming into our county but traveling through our county to other communities.

Reduced crime by about 25% in 2018 from that of what was reported in 2017 to New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services.  Going forward, we look towards yet another reduction in crime in our communities.

Joined forces with the Department of Homeland Security where we have three Investigators assigned as Tactical Field Officers.  This partnership provides us with more resources to investigate internet crimes against children and human trafficking cases.

Worked and are working jointly with the FBI, building federal cases from crimes that take place in Putnam County along with shared resources between both agencies.

Increased the number of forensic computers in the Computer Forensics Unit therefore strengthening our ability to analyze computers that are involved in internet crimes against children and other computer related crimes.

Actively participate in solidarity with emergency services throughout the area and provide support services for them.

Resuscitated the Crash Reconstruction Team. It was on the verge of being disbanded due to the lack of critical training.  The team was provided the necessary critical training to be proficient.  Seeing that this is a vital service a joint crash reconstruction team was formed under the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office with Carmel and Kent Police so as to better serve all of Putnam County as a unit.

Created the first Drone Aviation Unit in the County.  The drones have proven to be extremely useful in multiple areas such locating fires, search and rescue operations and barricaded subjects who are a threat.

Added patrol motorcycles which were previously reserved for parades and funerals.  We saw there was a need for better traffic enforcement in areas that were difficult and not suitable for patrol cars.  The motorcycles were a perfect fit and have become instrumental in reducing traffic offenses in those areas making our roadways safer for everyone.

Re-established a strong working relationship with the Putnam Northern Westchester Women’s Resource Center to better serve victims of domestic violence.

Established a strong working relationship with the Westchester County Police and work directly with some of their specialized units keeping Putnam County safer.

Added K-9 Hannah to the Department’s K-9 team. Nationally there were only three electronics detector dogs.  In March of 2019 seven more detector dogs were added one of which we are proud to have at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.  There are only four of these dogs in all of New York state (two in NYC, one in Westchester County and one in Putnam County) which are an invaluable asset in locating storage media and other electronic devices.

Conducted an operational audit of the Civil Division which allowed us to identify areas that were not up to proper standards so the necessary changes could be made to better serve the community.

Worked tirelessly on rewriting the Policy and Procedures, Rules and Regulations for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department as they had not been updated for over 20 years.  This is a vital step towards becoming an accredited law enforcement agency.

Been led by a Sheriff who leads by example and gets directly involved with police work and backs up other officers on calls and traffic stops.

Integrity returned.