I’m Robert Langley and I want to continue to be your Sheriff. I’m running again because Putnam County deserves a Sheriff with the best professional qualifications and who has the community’s best interests at heart. Serving as your Sheriff, I have expanded upon my law enforcement experience and leadership skills and, most importantly, I still maintain the integrity necessary to continue being the Putnam County Sheriff for a second term. I hope I’ll earn your vote again on Tuesday, November, 2, 2021.

I love Putnam County. I grew up in the Town of Carmel and I’ve lived in Philipstown for more than 20 years. I served 23 years with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department—starting in the Corrections Division, then 16 years in the Patrol Division 10 of which where as a  K9 Handler (K9s Warden and Rebel), followed by five years as a Criminal Investigator in Forensics and Identification. I have led as the President of the Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association. I have served and led in the Mahopac, Garrison and Continental Village Fire Departments. My adult life has been dedicated to public service.

Since taking office, the opioid crisis has continued to be a priority for my administration. Our communities are experiencing the heartbreak and economic destruction of opioid abuse. It is the job of your Sheriff to speak out and to take action. Although we have had a reduction in the number of fatal overdoses, we are still losing lives. As Sheriff, I see the devastation of families. I know it and I feel it and am not immune to it, having known young people lost to this disease.

I have addressed addiction in our county jail. I have built relationships with Narcotics Anonymous, Cove Care, the Department of Social Services and Arms Acres to name a few to get addicts the help that they need because I care. I will continue to take on this epidemic with your help and their support and together we will address the root cause, addiction and brake the cycle so people can enjoy a healthy and productive life. Working with our Deputies we are building trust in our communities. Folks need to know their Deputies and trust them. The Department has eyes available on the ground to recognize individuals and families in trouble and intervene early.

Social media has also been instrumental in providing another easily accessible resource to anyone living, working, visiting or just being a fan of Putnam County. Our facebook, twitter and instagram accounts are expanding daily. The Department branded Sheriff App we released free of charge to the public last April is an important tool with which people can communicate, even anonymously, with the Department and keep up to date on the latest goings on. We aim to be transparent and approachable.


Relationships with local police agencies  are stronger than they have ever been. The PCSO shares resources when needed and acts in harmony with local departments. Socially, when the PCSO holds community events, we invite them to participate under our banner. I, along with my Undersheriff, Captains, Deputies, Corrections Officers and other ranking PCSO members, rebuilt those relationships ensuring that we are working together, as one, to keep our communities safe and use budget dollars wisely.

The work with other agencies in Putnam County strengthens our resources. Such inter-agency connections are built through outreach events such as Coffees with a Cop, Town Halls and Real Talks often inviting local municipalities to join in under our banner and supporting their events.

We have an excellent model for community policing in the Sheriff’s Department School Resource Officer and Special Patrol Officer program. We need to continue scaling up this hands-on, relationship-based model as we continue to build connections among communities, local police officers, and Deputies. I hold high expectations for public engagement, and I know that the women and men of the Sheriff’s Department can meet them and deliver for all of you!

Deputies are encouraged to maintain connections with the communities they police. This connection to the community is paramount to my administration. I have increased engagement with the public by getting our Deputies out of their cars and into our communities. It is not tactically advantageous to have distance between Deputies and the people. Both sides need to trust each other and work together standing united as one to fight crime and fight the opioid crisis. Community policing works!

Policing is too important to be political. There is no for place for politics in the Sheriff’s Department. Playing politics detracts from the vital work of law enforcement and compromises public safety. I keep politics out of the Sheriff’s office.


It is not as far away as it seems. I cannot win this campaign without YOU. I cannot win it without EVERYONE – Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives and Independents. This is not a party race. This is a race to keep us on track with ethical policing in our County. I am asking you to still believe in me. I am asking you for your vote, and I’m asking you to encourage others to vote for me as well. It is so important!

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